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Exceeded Our Expectation

The staff at Spectrum exceeded our expectations with our autistic son. The development he has shown over the past 2 years has been amazing and we can only hope it will continue with Spectrum’s help.



Spectrum was a real help

Our son was practically non verbal before we took him to Spectrum. The staff was terrific and patient in working with him and now he is able to verbalize wants and needs to us as well as socialize with peers in school.


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We are so thankful

Spectrum was able to work with our daughter on her development and communication. They were able to get the support she needs as well as advocate for his rights being met in community. They helped her develop relationship for who she is and not what others want her to be.



Extremely Happy with Spectrum

Our son was non verbal and unwilling to interact with us or his peers. Spectrum has worked hard with our son for a long time and now he is happy to approach and say hello, never done before. He can also now write his name, playing with toys appropriately, and has increased his attention span. The Spectrum staff has worked with his school to help with tools other kids and teachers can use to interact with him.